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100-Mile Canoe Test 2023

100mile 2023 1
100mile 2023 2

We had a fantastic time at the 100 Mile Canoe Test! We are really proud of the young people who took part in the Test. Their hard work, resilience and teamwork skills have been commendable. 

A big thank you to NABGC and Young Bristol for organising such a great opportunity for young people!

We arrived at base camp on Friday, and paddled on the river Saturday - Tuesday, finishing off in Monmouth. Due to a few factors, such as a very low river, we didn’t manage the 100 miles. However, the group pushed themselves every day, showing great team work and resilience. The goal was to make sure the young people had an enjoyable time canoeing, and we believe this was a success!     

Finally, we want to extend our thanks to Llandysull Paddlers for being our canoe instructors. They were fantastic. Their expertise, support and enthusiasm on the water made such a positive difference to our young people and our time together was much better for having them. Most of all, we had fun together. Thank you!

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