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FLW (Finland, Latvia, Wales) Autumn 2022 Update

Since last year, we have been working with 5 partner organisations (1 national and 4 international) on the delivery of the FLW project. From our initial meeting in the autumn of 2021 staff have been creating a shared understanding of how youth work and dance can be used in tandem to facilitate positive change and outcomes for young people. 

Since January 2022 we have delivered monthly sessions with the support of our member club AZ Elite with an overarching focus on the attitude that anyone can dance. Furthermore, the young people engaged have used the sessions as a place to explore complex topics such as politics and empowerment. 

In June 2022 BGC sent two staff members to Finland to meet with our coworkers from Tampere and Latvia to exchange good practice and problem solving for the continuing delivery of the project. This also gave us the opportunity to plan the upcoming Latvian exchange.


The Latvian Exchange (in Luznava, Latgale) brought together 39 young people from all over the world, based in Finland, Latvia and Wales respectively. These young people exchanged experiences, culture and friendship over the week they spent in Luznava Miza culminating in a shared group performance. 

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The project is not over yet! We still have the final performance in Wales and the finale event where we will host our partners in the new year. Stay tuned to find out more.

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