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National Grid Warm Banks Project

Our Warm Banks Project (funded by the National Grid Community Matters Fund) provided  funding to fourteen affiliated youth club venues and youth centres to help them with their energy costs as prices increased in the winter of 2022-2023, after an application process. The project also provided advice to help youth clubs support households who may be struggling with the cost of living and energy bills. This page, further help and links (see below) is linked via QR code from our Cost of Living Support booklet:

Funds to Help Households

  1. Energy Company Schemes

  2. Lightning Reach Support

    • Lightning Reach is the single application site for charitable and benevolent funds from industry bodies and charities across the UK.

    • For example, you might be able to secure support if you have worked in the education, energy or travel sectors, or are from a military family.

    • Please see

  3. Credit Unions of Wales

    • Credit Unions are not-for-profit lenders who have an obligation to lend ethically without hidden charges.

    • They offer loans to a range of people, including those who cannot access mainstream forms of credit.

    • Please see

  4. Discretionary Assistance Fund

    • This Welsh Government fund is for those in financial

    • hardship who have considered options such as benefits and credit unions.

    • For example, if you have applied for benefits and are waiting for your first payment you may be eligible for support.

    • Please see

Eligibility Checks

  1. Check for any charitable grants you might be eligible for with Turn2Us at

  2. Check for any government benefits you might be entitled to with EntitledTo at

More Advice & Support

  1. For personalised support and advice, the best place to contact is Citizens Advice, by calling 0800 702 2020 from 9-5 Mon-Fri, or visiting your local centre which can be found from

  2. For detailed money advice see Martin Lewis / Money Saving Expert pages, starting with 

  3. For help with energy efficency improvements & in some cases funding to help make them, contact Nest by calling 0808 808 2244 from 9-6 Mon-Fri, or try

  4. For tips on no cost or low cost actions to reduce energy use, please see or

Funded by the National Grid Electricity Distribution Community Matters Fund

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